Farewell Heather

Last weekend the Newcastle ultimate frisbee community said farewell to one of it's long standing members, Heather Bridgman. Who has announced she will be leaving Newcastle for the north coast of Tasmania. 

Heather will be missed as a player, administrator and friend. She has represented Newcastle at various levels including for women's, mixed and for the university. She will long be remembered for scoring the winning goal to secure the Sugar Magnolias' bronze medal at the 2009 national championships, catching a hammer in the endzone, in the midst of a pack of defenders Heather stood tall and caught the disc whilst all her defenders fell away.

She has also been the treasurer for the Newcastle Ultimate Frisbee Club, serving in that role since the clubs foundation in 2006.

We wish Heather all the best in her future life, and we look forward to catching up with her in the future, in person and on the frisbee field (even if she will now be standing at the wrong end). Whoever steps in to fill her role will have some big shiny purple boots to fill.