Eastern Regional Qualifiers (Feb 19-20, 2011) provided the forum for Newcastle I-Beam to reveal the club’s new alternate kit.

Already nicknamed the Big-V the uniform is designed to complement the green and brown that has characterised I-Beam since 2009.

The new guernsey is white and supports a shallow V on the front, in the club colours. The club emblem is again on the left chest and has been restyled, dropping the “I-Beam” copy and showing just the beam. Instead the club name appears on the right sleeve. The left sleeve retains the club’s home, “Newcastle, Australia”. All copy on the guernsey is in green, avoiding a harsh pairing with the recurring brown shorts.

The kit was well-received at Regionals and gained further compliments at the Canberra Invitational. It has generated nothing but praise since its release, unlike the stripes that have polarised the wider frisbee community for the past two season. The design and execution has raised eyebrows, raised thumbs, and raised the bar for uniform hobbyists in Australian club frisbee.

(c) Leon Smith 2011Prior to its arrival there was trepidation about the guernsey. A feedback poll made available to the I-Beam community spread virally creating huge interest in the outcome of the club’s final design decision. Moments were tense leading up to the presentation to the players. In typical I-Beam fashion the final product is a class above and once again the I-Beam brand will be displayed with pride.