Top 5 Episode 08 : Ben

Two weeks out from Nationals and days before he had to fly out to play New Zealand Nationals with the Aussie u23 Open team, I-Beam’s yardstick, Ben, would have been living, breathing, eating and sleeping frisbee. Right?

In the previous episode in I-Beam’s Top 5 series, the club’s incumbent and long-serving ‘weirdest person on the team’ gave fans an insight into his psyche. In recent years, Newcastle I-Beam has experienced a transition through a regrowth of talent. New players are stepping up and taking on existing roles. Sometimes it happens through necessity but more often it’s through hard work from up-and-comers. Ben is an example of a player new to I-Beam, who applies hard work and dedication not just to being the weirdest person on the team, but to having a positive on-field effect.

Ben’s full-time dedication is not reserved for frisbee only. As we explore Ben’s inner ego we learn that it’s a common trait that influences all aspects of his life; as demonstrated in the latest episode of Newcastle I-Beam’s Top 5 series

Top 5 Ways to Pull an Architecture All-Nighter

by Ben

1. Coffee is a must. If you think you can go without it, you might get through the night, but your presentation the next day will be a lost cause!

2.  Good music. There is nothing that will speed up your modelling process more than a good dose of Pendulum at 4.00am

3.  Company. Having fellow students working beside you id both the biggest distraction and the best motivation to keep going.

4.  Exercise. A quick throw or game of handball will help give you energy, and help you to focus on pushing through those tiredness boundaries

5.  Food. Tying with coffee as most important is lots of food. Big dinner, plenty of snacks