Top 5 Episode 07 : Sturt

The purpose of this series is to get into the minds of some of Newcastle I-Beam's players and reveal how they operate. No mind has intrigued outsiders more than Newcastle's zone-loving, ginger ninja and he has the floor for Episode 7 of I-Beam's Top 5 series

The past two tournaments this season, Eastern Regionals2015 and Canberra Invitational2015, has seen Newcastle I-Beam play a lot of man-to-man defence. The results have included unexpected success and very little zone defence. Why so little zone? It is probably relative to the amount of Sturt there has been at these two tournaments, none.

Top 5 Reasons Sturt Gives for Putting on a Zone Defence

By Sturt

1  "So-and-so [key handler] isn't on"

2  "It's been getting turns so we should do it again"

3  "We haven't tried it yet so we should give it a go"

4  "That hammer [gaining crossfield hammer] is into the wind so we should probably play a zone"

    (Note : it's always windy, according to Sturt. The guy could feel an owl fart from halfway across the woods)

5  No reason