Top 5 Episode 06 : Hayesey

As we are all training hard, hitting gyms, running Brown St, getting to every training session we can and generally just getting our body ready (Daveys, April 4, 2014), it's time for Tim Hayes to share his Newcastle I-Beam Top 5.

Hayesey, or Fit Tim (or sometimes we call him teflon because no nickname ever sticks) demonstrated over the past weekend at Canberra Invitational 2015, that he is the fittest man on the team, and the most likely to execute full Beast Mode during the season. In his profession as a professional trainer (smooth sentencing) Hayesey has insight into the gym and how best to use it ensure your body is ready


Top 5 Dos and Don'ts When Hitting the Gym

By Hayesey

5-Do -  work on your vertical jump

5-Don't -  go too hard too soon

4-Do -  work out with your mates, because you will get further, last longer, and enjoy it more

4-Don't - work out with this kind of mates

3-Do - strengthen every part of your body, however you see best

3-Don't - overload your body (warning! Um, warning!)

2-Do - take pride in any and every gain you make. You've worked hard for it, strut it

2-Don't - be that guy who enters the gym for 100 reps of flexes and 20minutes of mirror work

1-Don't - perv on the girls. Yes, they are there to get hot and sweaty but not with you. If you get caught, be smooth

1-Do - concentrate on your workout. Unwavering dedication will yield results every time. You too can be the best at what you do