Top 5 Episode 05 : Daveys

Today is the day before the Canberra Invitational tournament. In episode 5 of the I-Beam Top 5 series we enter the mind of current Newcastle I-Beam captain Daveys and see what he's been getting up to to prepare for the weekend

It's probably too late to get all of these in for this weekend. That's if you want to emulate Daveys. He loves to share with anybody and everybody that his body is ready. This is how :

Top 5 Pre-Tournament Preparations and Rituals

By Daveys

1  Eat a tonne - like seriously, as much as you can the entire day before

2  Pack early - helps put your mind at ease so you can get a good sleep

3  Watch a frisbee game online - gets you keen to make big plays and destroy chumps

4  Get a good stretch in - less injuries this way

5  Spend quality alone time with the missus. Chances are you won't see her/him for a couple of days and it will help you calm those pregame nerves and get a good night sleep