Top 5 Episode 04 : TimLB

This week the Newcastle I-Beam Top 5 series extends to its fourth episode and stars another original player as they take you through some of their favourite frisbee memories, through song.

That's right. After playing frisbee for 10 years most frisbee players will have an abundance of memories. Both on the field and off, these memories remind us of why we persist with this nerdy past-time. Why we continually go through the embarrassment of explaining, "Yes, it's a real thing". Why we devote a more than healthy proportion of our lives to this business.

TimLB has played at a variety of social and competitive levels, and has shared some of his favourite experiences by :

Top 5 Frisbee-Related Songs

By TimLB

1  Takin' Care of Business - BTO - the systems are in place. No new crap, just takin' care of business. This song was and will forever be Newcastle I-Beam2010.

2  Gaybar - Electric Six - informally know as track 8, this song attached itself to all unigames for the 2009 Powerdragons and without doubt played a part in every success, every loss and every shenanigan

3  Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson - the Mundis2012 team bonding, training camps, pretour and the vibe: epitomised by one moment, one song, and one giant improvised on-field dancefloor

4  Parlez-vous Francais - Art vs Science - Mundis2012 again. After hitting Japan, every bus ride to and from the fields turned into a sing-along. Other songs may have got more airtime or more invested emotion, but nothing got the whole team pumping like this song

5  Barbara Streisand - Duck Sauce - after a successful day one at 2011 Regional Qualifiers for Newcastle I-Beam, the tournament party was well-and-truly enjoyed. The evening was capped by this song and a variation of the (only) lyrics by an exceptionally lubricated, ginger larrikan to, "We beat Canberra" do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do

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