Top 5 Episode 02 : Hobbit

Continuing our series on getting to know I-Beam2015, this Top 5 episode features Hobbit and his most critical part of his tournament routine.


Traveling home from Eastern Regionals the car was making a funny noise. The driver could not work out what it was and had started to worry. They were relieved when they realised it wasn't coming from the car. It was coming from Hobbit. It was his stomach. He was in his typical post-tournament state, hungry and desperate for pre-dinner. Hobbit's post frisbee appetite is insatiable and matched in largeness only by Chilly.

Hobbit's end-of-day tournament routine is extensive. Typically, he rushes quickly through the initial and less important elements - warm down, stretch, team talk, change out of dirty clothes - and concentrates on the next phase of his routine: shower, pre-dinner, dinner, watching footy, and second dinner. Thus we present the second episode in our Top 5 series :


Top 5 Favourite Things to Eat after a Frisbee Tournament

By Hobbit

1. BBQ duck - the only good thing about tournaments in Canberra is stopping in Dixon for one of these on the way out

2. Thai curry

3. Indian curry

4. KFC - the dirty bird, laced with grease and guilt

5. On the drive home, calling wifey to let her know we're on our way, and being surprised with the news of what's on the stove, or in the oven, to be ready when I get home. Whatever it is, it sets the saliva glands off and is always a delight to tuck into