Top 5 Episode 01 : Chilly

After Eastern Regionals this weekend (Mar7-8) you can't help but be excited about Newcastle frisbee and, in particular, Newcastle I-Beam's charge to Nationals2015 in Perth in April. As part of the build up, I-Beam's squad will be sharing some details about what they love about Newcastle, frisbee, I-Beam, and life.

This will be done in the form of top 5 lists chosen by the players themselves. Up first is Newcastle's talisman, Chilly, with :


Top 5 Favourite Things about a Frisbee Tournament

by Chilly

1. Destroying chumps (aka beating Canberra)

2. The competition - this demands calling upon manstrength

3. Frisbee lunches

4. Playing cards (usually 500)

5. Winning